Lost generation? No way!

24 septembrie - 9 octombrie, Berlin, Germania

SCI D, Genctur-Turkey, SCI Austria, SCI Catalonia, Zavod Voluntariat Slovenia and SCI Romania invite you to apply for SCI-D-5.25:


International youth exchange on the topic:

“Lost generation? No way!”

    24th September – 09th October, 2013, Berlin, Germany


Supported by Youth in Action program of the European Union


Summary of the project

During this youth exchange the participants will discuss the causes, character and consequences of youth unemployment in the whole of Europe and try to elaborate a new vision for the future labour market, which meets the real needs & aspirations of young people.

Beyond this, participants will have the opportunity to gain practical competencies and skills in working with new media, so they can better articulate their needs & aspirations in the future.

There will be both theoretical & practical parts:

a)   Exchanging ideas & experiences on the topic, meeting with experts to discuss about many different aspects of being unemployed, and getting new inspiration by visiting local projects which support initiatives of young unemployed

b)   Gaining new skills by learning to use new media (video, comics, trick box – stop motion etc.), as well as making an own European newspaper about youth unemployment, in order to empower young people in their future lives

Recruitment of participants

We are looking for motivated participants with a strong interest in the topic and who are preferably activists from SCI branches and partner organisations or active in other organisations with a similar working background and philosophy. Young people who are now unemployed or in precarious jobs or practice are especially welcome.  

All participants selected for this project must meet the following criteria:

·       be 18-30 years old
·       be able to work in English language

·       preferably be active in the organisation, know the capacity of the organisation and have the opportunity to be active in the future

·       have nomination and support of one of the organizations above

·       commit to implement the learned knowledge and skills in practice back home

·       commit to share thoroughly the contents and results of the project to other activists of your sending organisation

·       be willing to prepare a short presentation of how youth unemployment is perceived and being tackled in your country. The choice of the means of presentation (text, photo, collage, video, theatre, poetry, etc.) will be left open to the participants who can also prepare the presentation in small groups

·       commit to actively participate in all stages of the project and stay from the very beginning to the last day

Please return completed application form before 01.08.2013 to your sending organisation. There will be a second deadline of 01.09.2013 if there are still free places.

A group of 24 participants (in addition to group coordinators) will be selected by the international coordinator team on the basis of the profile outlined above. The team will seek to ensure a geographical balance, gender balance, different types of experiences and motivation, cultural backgrounds, organisations. Participants will be chosen mainly on the basis of their motivation & what they can contribute themselves to the project.


Financial and practical conditions of participation:

All costs of the programme (including food, accommodation, local travel) will be covered by SCI. Participants will get 70% of their international travel costs reimbursed, but if possible you are asked to use environment-friendly means of transport.


If you have any questions regarding the project and your application, don't hesitate to contact your sending organisation! More information is available from your sending organisation.


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