Weaving volunteer world wide web

16-22 septembrie 2012, Crimea, Ukraine

Weaving volunteer world wide web (aka www.wvwww.vol)

Crimea, Ukraine

September 16-22, 2012

Call for participants

The idea of the seminar is motivated by the observations made on many international youth meetings - you see participants with laptops, who also do things on facebook, twitter, google talk etc., while following the meeting agenda and discussion. In the world, when blogs become more interesting and trustworth sources of news than newspapers and TV, and facebook is helping to organize revolution (or helping some government to prevent people traveling to protest action). Can these online tools be used by volunteer and youth organizations efficiently, and how? Looking at partners within SCI network, there are examples of successful web-sites or national awareness raising campaigns, there are interesting examples of online project management, or making internet activity part of international youth project.  And there is a lot missing. This became a background and inspiration for the training Weaving volunteer world wide web (aka www.wvvww.vol), which will take place in Crimea, Ukraine, from 16th to 22nd of September 2012. The project is realized with support of European Youth Foundation.

The project aims to deal with such issues as usage of internet tools to promote international volunteer and youth projects and activities, learning and awareness raising opportunities of internet on human rights and social inclusion issues, possibilities to get involved and develop international youth projects online as practical tool for intercultural learning and dialogue, support of local initiatives and active citizenship, and other.

The training is aimed for active volunteers and staff of SCI branches, partners and other youth and voluntary NGOs,  interested in the topics of the training and willing to contribute to improving image of voluntary organizations and ways to promote international volunteer projects. Working language of the training is English.

3 blocks will be addressed during the project:
- use of social networks as facebook, google +, vkontakte and other. How can they be used for awareness raising on human rights, or social inclusion, climate change issues, intercultural learning and other (more than creating groups for training and sharing photos afterwards)
- online project management tools. Sharing examples and best practices, how to develop and implement an international project on human rights, combating racism or social inclusion issues; working as international team of volunteers from different countries (online todo lists: planning and implementing together, sharing docs, communication and monitoring, presenting materials and disseminating results and materials. How online tools can make projects more participative for youth, and become a practical tool of experiencing and working in intercultural and international team?
- online face of youth and volunteer NGO - web-site (or blog, or facebook profile?). Nice makeup and hairdo: how to make interesting and appealing web-site, with awareness raising component on active citizenship, human rights, social inclusion or other issues relevant for youth or volunteer NGO, how to make a web-site to efficient tool in online awareness raising strategy on national and international level

More details, financial conditions, procedure to apply and link to application form can be found here

Looking forward to welcome you in Ukraine!


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