Worst Practice Seminar

30 septembrie - 8 octombrie 2012, Barnstorf, Germany


International Training Seminar


“Worst Practice”

and how we can learn from it!


    30the September – 08th October 2012 in Barnstorf, near the peace town of Osnabrück, Germany





Background of the project

Who has not encountered difficulties, met with seemingly unsurpassable obstacles and sometimes even experienced deep frustrations when trying to prepare and implement volunteer projects of whatever kind? There are so many things that need to be taken into account – and there are so many things that can (and sometimes do) go wrong – that can completely discourage a volunteer from continuing to sacrifice their time and effort for an organisation. Quite often these problems and failures are caused by a lack of vision, planning, effective teamwork or communication. Sometimes they are the result of external factors that we forgot to take into account and did not make contingency for. And sometimes it is just a case of how to maintain our own enthusiasm in the face of attrition and setbacks. What is certain, however, is that through training we can learn to avoid all these possible pitfalls!


So if you are wondering what you can do, in order to reduce or minimise all these risks and ensure that all your effort is not in vain and that volunteering will actually prove rewarding and fun for you in the future – this is the seminar for you!      


Aims and objectives

In this training we want to focus on what goes wrong when volunteer projects do not turn out as was expected, what were the reasons for their failings, and what steps everyone needs to take, both in the preparation, implementation and follow-up phases, in order to ensure that such mistakes or failures do not re-occur in the future.

Specific objectives of the training are:

-  to strengthen by knowledge, information and experience-sharing the leadership capacities of participants

-  to empower participants as future leaders of grass-root youth projects and initiatives, based on a “worst practice and bad advice” approach, in order to learn from those and develop best practices


-  to exchange information and experiences among participants in order to provide a platform for development of new innovative forms and methods of activities, with a focus on such topics as peace education, environmental sustainability, social inclusion

-  to promote intercultural communication and non-violent conflict solving

- to improve the quality and sustainability of our future activities (with particular focus on youth exchanges) through new methods of networking and cooperation, more active & enthusiastic involvement of volunteers!


Working Methods

We shall apply non-formal, interactive training methods throughout the week – it will be both interesting and fun!  


Recruitment of participants

The training is aimed at both volunteers who wish to learn how to organise higher quality volunteer projects, as well as at staff & project organizers who want to share experience and learn new methods how to improve their work with volunteers.  You should already have some experience as a volunteer or organiser with an SCI branch or partner organisation, or else be active in other organisations with a similar working background and philosophy. All participants selected for this project must meet the following criteria:

·         be minimum 18 years – 35 years of age

·         be able to communicate well in English language

·         be strongly motivated to act as a multiplier in the field of promoting voluntary work

·         commit to implement the learned knowledge and skills in practice back home

·         be ready to give a short presentation or an example of a “worst practice” scenario that you personally experienced. The choice of the exact topic and the means of presentation (text, photo, collage, video, theatre, poetry, etc.) is up to you

·         commit to actively participate from the beginning to the end of the training


Applications should be sent by e-mail to your respective sending organisation by 1st August 2012. If there are not enough suitable candidates by then, the second and final deadline is 20th August.


A group of 25 participants will be selected on the basis of the profile outlined above by the international prep-team. The team will seek to ensure a geographical balance, gender balance, different types of experiences and motivation, cultural backgrounds, organisations. Participants will be chosen mainly on the basis of their motivation!


Financial and practical conditions of participation:

All costs of the training programme (including food, accommodation, trainers) will be covered by SCI and 70% of international travel costs will be reimbursed (up to certain maximums per country). Visa costs will also be reimbursed.

Registration fee: Please ask your sending organisation.



The training will be led by two experienced trainers from Germany and Ukraine.


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