Internet Action

March 17-24, Lviv, Ukraine

 Liking, twitting, following, chatting online, blogging... These new words and actions suddenly became a part of daily life, almost like breakfast, lunch and dinner. They replaced phone, newspaper and TV in many ways, they brought communication and interaction to a different level. It is easy to follow up what your class mates or former colleagues are doing – even those you haven't seen for years, where they've been or what's on their mind with all these online tools, no borders attached.


 What else did these new online tools change? How we interact, how fast the news spread, how we spend our time online? Is there more behind, or can there be more?

 This is what we'd like to focus on during Internet action seminar. The project will address use of social media (facebook, vkontakte, blogs, twitter etc) by youth and volunteer organizations.

 The aim is to exchange experiences, share, discuss and elaborate practical tips of using social media in a more efficient way, using it for international networking, awareness raising and action, in particular on the topics of combating racism and Nazism, and promoting environmental sustainability.

 We will look at best practices of other NGOs, share own examples and experiences, brainstorm and experiment together about actions and online campaigns, and plan some specific online activities to implement together during and after the training. Some possibilities and ideas could be (we hope more will come from you) Volunteer jokes online for 1st of April Fools day, celebrating Earth Day on facebook, poster or logo contest to promote diversity and combat racism, online and offline action to support 95th anniversary of Red Cross in Ukraine (our local partner) and promote healthy life style and creativity by proposing alternative use of condoms for first aid (and distribute 1000000 condoms).

 Participants profile: active volunteers and members of SCI organizations and partners, interested in the topics of the seminar, willing to learn more about international volunteering, discuss and share experiences, and brainstorm on common actions using social media.


 There is no age limit. Working language is English.

 Financial conditions:

 All costs concerning meals and accommodation as well as the program and materials will be fully covered for the whole duration of the training. Travel costs will be reimbursed 70%, given that participants used cheapest way of travel as well as consider environmental impact of the trip. The participation fee for Ukraine, Armenia and Azerbaijan participants is 20 Euros, for ‘new’ EU countries (Romania) is 30 Euro, and for ‘old’ EU countries (Germany, Spain, Italy and UK) – 40 Euro.




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