A unique experience - Vilanova de Sau, Spain

Florenta Cernescu

I am very honest and real when I say that this camp was the best experience for me until now. I was very open-minded when I left Romania but I have to say that this was more then words can express.

I am going to start from the beginning: wanting to be a volunteer. Searching the web, of course, I found the SCI site. It seemed all so easy to do but of course I thought it was too late to make part of a project, because it was august already. But I decided to visit the office to talk to somebody for a future project, maybe next year. I met there three girls very enthusiastic and they really made my day, especially when I found out that I can still join a project. It was all very fast, I found the project in Spain, and in two weeks I landed on Barcelona airport?

Barcelona... I was of course a little scared because this was my second time abroad and I had my flight a day before I got to meet with everybody. This meant a day and a night alone in a city full of tourists. But traveling alone and seeing that I am capable of surviving gave me confidence so the next day I was not only ready but impatience to meet everybody.

I knew that it wasn't going to be something easy or something that you meet everyday. But I learned so many things from this experience. I got to meet so many interesting people among volunteers but also among the persons with cerebral palsy...

This was in fact an exchange between people with cerebral palsy and volunteers. It was about living that 9 days with them, in the same rooms, doing all the activities together.

So I met the other volunteers. I learned so many things about them and from them, and they were all such special persons and I felt after a day like I knew them forever. None of them had any experience, like myself. And later in Barcelona we met the persons with CP. I have to say that we were a little scared, but things turned out so good. It didn't took a day and we became friends and everything seemed so natural. I know that I learned so much from these people and I sure see life completely different now. They are all such strong, smart and funny persons and you have such a great satisfaction once you get to communicate with them. We really made nice friendships and I could speak without stopping of any of them, volunteers or not.

I also learned so many things about myself, I learned that I am capable to do things I didn't think I could do, I found out things in me that I didn't know that exist, and I came back with an optimism and a feeling that I really am capable of anything, and I will do anything I can to make things better in everything I do. It's a strange feeling and this type of camp was for me an open gate of endless opportunities.

But it is a very important thing that I think we should do here, in Romania. In Spain I realized that there are so many people that need help in a certain measure to obtain their independency and I know there are a lot here and it's up to us to help them to live independent. It's not only cerebral palsy or other types of disease but we all know that in so many points Romania need help. So we just have to think more about this and hope our best?

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