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Financial crisis – Climate adieu?

30th March – 10th April, 2012, near Berlin, Germany

International youth exchange composed of discussions, project visits, workshops, brochure, street action & mobile exhibition on:


“Financial crisis – Climate adieu? We must raise our voices for climate justice – and act before it’s too late!”


    30th March – 10th April, 2012, near Berlin, Germany


Supported by Youth in Action program of the European Union


Background of the project

This youth exchange will primarily focus on the theme of climate change & climate justice. The latest climate conference in Doha still hasn’t brought progress: Whilst politicians stick their heads in the sand due to economic interests and upcoming elections, and our mass media largely ignore the topic, the most prominent scientists of this world warn us that a climate catastrophe is inevitable if we do not take immediate and profound action against it.  Only in recent months different parts of the world have been hit by natural catastrophes, many of which are quite possibly caused or accentuated by climate change – it is therefore time to act!

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